Thursday, March 20, 2003

Stop With the Protest Etiquette Talk

I'm a bit tired with all the hand-wringing about what the anti-war people should do. Aside from not elevating the degree of civil disobedience above the slightly annoying, I think contuing to protest is just fine. The reason people protest in the first place is because they feel it's their only avenue of political expression. Their elected representatives aren't providing a voice, the media isn't providing a voice, so the only possible way to register objections to the current war is public protest. In addition, as many people can attest, the state and local democratic parties are largely in shambles and/or unwelcoming to new participants.

If it was wrong two days ago it's wrong today. This is my last obligatory "I support the troops and hope they come home safely." That's a given, and there's no conflict between wanting them to stay alive and not wanting there to be a war.

I don't think any anti-war protesters are under the illlusion that they're going to change any minds this week. That isn't the point - the point is to register objections the only way they can.

What Digby said, too.