Saturday, March 22, 2003

US Soldier in Custody

over grenade attack. Holy crap. No link yet, but prime suspect in is one of ours. It's in the breaking news headlines up top at MSNBC, but no story yet.

:Link here.

(CBS) An American Muslim soldier is among three people being questioned in connection with a grenade and small-arms attack that injured at least 10 U.S. soldiers at Camp Pennsylvania in northern Kuwait, reports CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassman.

Strassmann said three grenades were rolled into three officers' tents at the camp. When officers ran from the tents, they were hit by small arms fire.

George Heath, spokesman at Fort Campbell, home base of the 101st, said 10 people were wounded, six seriously.

Strassman said three suspects were being held for questioning: two Kuwaitis who served as translators and an American soldier described as a black Muslim.