Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Even the Liberal Matt Yglesias

Congrats to fellow blogger Matthew Yglesias on his job with Big Media.

As Eric Alterman states honestly regarding The Weekly Standard, "‘Reader for reader, it may be the most influential publication in America" even as TWS wrongly attribute that to the New York Times, and not Eric. But, The American Prospect's circulation is about the same, so that's more a comment on the bias of the SCLM, and their willingness to repackage and resell the Standard's crap, than anything else.

And those commies over at the Nation are the only ones who actually turn a profit. Go figure. UPDATE: I've been informed this is erroneous - I swore I read Navasky claim it made money, or at least that it didn't lose any. My bad. Still, it beats them all in circulation.