Monday, April 28, 2003

Howie Tells How He Knows if Something Is Newsworthy


Silver Spring, Md.: I was amazed to open Sunday's Outlook section and see no mention of the Santorum imbroglio. A U.S. senator claims there is no right to privacy and that the state should have the ability to limit people's wants and desires, and no one at The Washington Post has an opinion about it?

Was this merely a 24-hour story? If it was, then we're in bigger trouble than I thought.

Howard Kurtz: Outlook, which sort of does its own thing, is not necessarily a good barometer. The Post, to its credit, has done four news stories on the Santorum controversy, along with one editorial and one op-ed piece (by Richard Cohen). I write in my print column today about an effort by conservatives to discredit the AP reporter who interviewed Santorum. Since there's been little GOP criticism of Santorum (other than from a couple of moderate senators), it does look like the story may peter out fairly soon.

and Eric Alterman notes that Howie hasn't bothered to discuss the shocking statement by CNN's Eason Jordan that they had the Pentagon give their approval on their war pundits.