Friday, April 04, 2003

Lloyd Grove

Charles Pierce has a few words for him here:

Gossip columnists -- great ones, anyway -- should be as free of ideological blinders as they are of conscience. Alas, it seems that Lloyd Grove, the president of the Independent Women's Forum's Men's Auxiliary, has liberated himself only of the latter. J.J. Hunsecker would weep, I tell you.

Consider, for example, Lloyd's latest effort. David Brock and his work get put through the big smearuendo again, with some interesting (if fact-free) invective from Christopher Hitchens tossed into the bargain. Meanwhile, further down, my gal Annie Coulter decides to hie herself off to Florida with the rest of the malignant reptiles, and she gets the cutesy-poo treatment, as well as a plug for her latest spasm of inebriate typing.

(Note To Lloyd: more than a few of her targets, almost every reviewer, and anyone with the reading skills of a Lemur have pointed out that Coulter's last book contained approximately as many facts as it did golden doubloons. Pass it on.)

Well, at least this kind of work guarantees that the buffet at the next way-cool IWF cocktail party at Lloyd's house will not contain that old country song's signature dish -- hot tongue and cold shoulder.

For some more context, see my old piece Six Degrees of Lloyd Grove.