Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Lynch Rescued

Something to be thankful for.

Apparently she was rescued from a hospital. I assume that means she was getting medical treatment - if so, it gives some hope that some of our POWs may not be as mistreated as one might fear.

Mac Diva has more.

....on the other hand, this report over at Talk Left takes a dimmer view of the situation. In any case, I hope she's not simply alive and rescued, but that she's survived her ordeal, whatever it was, with her sanity intact.

...and, it seems this wasn't the first attempt to rescue them. damn.

U.S. Marines were sent to rescue wounded members of the 507th Maintenance Company on March 23, the day the Fort Bliss unit was attacked in Iraq, but nine of the Marines who took part in the rescue effort were killed and eight others are missing, Pentagon officials said Sunday.