Thursday, April 17, 2003

We Found Some Terrorists in Iraq!

And, they even killed some Americans!

Lock those bastards up!

Er, wait no, apparently the Bush administration has a cunning plan - invite them to be a part of the new Iraqi government!

WRIGHT: Look, an awful lot will depend, really, on what happens in Iraq and how well it goes for the United States and whether you see a mutation and a regeneration of the kind of extremism we’ve seen, really, over the past 20 years. It began in Lebanon with the suicide bombs and hostage-takings. And you know, this could play out in groups that are purely Iraqi. Remember, one of the groups, interestingly enough, that met with the United States yesterday in Nasiriyah was a group called al-Dawa, which means “the call” in Arabic. And it was a group that 20 years ago, exactly, bombed the American embassy in Kuwait. And so there are...

WOODWARD: What was considered one of the most serious terrorist organizations...

KING: And now they’re in meetings to form...

WRIGHT: That’s right, and are going to be a player in the next government. It will — it has strong support, believed to be very popular among Shi’ite Iraqis.

(via Courtney Cox)