Thursday, May 08, 2003

Advertise Here!

Once I spend the time figuring out how to get things all set up, I'll be running ads through blog ads. As Greg Beato says, it ain't enough to live on but it might be enough to drink on. So, if you're interested in advertising keep that in mind...

And, as always, thanks to all who have contributed. In addition - thanks to all who buy their books through the Amazon links. I know some people aren't thrilled with Amazon and would rather make their purchases through their local independent booksellers, so if you're one of those people please do that! But, if you are going to buy something through Amazon, I appreciate when you click through the links on this site. I generally get 5% when you make a random purchase and 15% if it's something I link to directly. The 5% isn't much obviously, but it does add up over time. It's nice getting money that way because I'm just getting a piece of what you'd spend anyway. And, since they pay quarterly it ends up being a decent-sized amount.