Sunday, May 04, 2003

Bob Dole Didn't Get the Memo

So, of all things Dole thought the topic du jour on 60 minutes should be Reality Television - and specifically the Osbournes. You know, the show praised by even Dan Quayle, with the star hamming it up with Bush last year at the WHCA dinner.

I wonder why Dole didn't choose any of the numerous reality television on That Other Network, the one run by that whatshisname from Australia. You know, all those shows which trivialize marriage and glorify casual sex... Or, maybe Dole could have asked about soft drink companies which use an opened soda can as an obvious symbol of a viagra popping old man's orgasm at the sight of a teenage girl half clad, or...

In any case, the real outrage with the Osbournes isn't that their son had to go to rehab - it's all the sons and daughters of not so well-to-do people who end up in jail instead of rehab. Speaking of that, one wonders also why Dole didn't pick on that other favorite reality show - Jeb!