Thursday, May 08, 2003

Crackdown in Cuba

For the record, Wayne Smith's article on Cuba isn't even a very good example of "blaming America first." Had he written that article verbatim, substituting North Korea for Cuba, I don't think anyone would have even blinked. Pointing out that our belligerent foreign policy might lead to totalitarian regimes cracking down on their dissidents isn't really a crazy notion, and nor is it blaming their deaths on American foreign policy. Having our diplomats have high profile meetings with leading dissidents was clearly asking for trouble. Now, that doesn't mean we're to blame for their deaths, but it does mean that our Cuba policy is rather stupid. Our actions and diplomacy have consequences, intended or not. It's just that no one "on the Left" can say anything about Cuba without getting attacked.

If that's the best Cohen can come up with...