Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Crossfire, Today

Poor Tucker.

BEGALA: Well you know where your tax dollars are going? Our federal Department of Homeland Security was used to try to track these guys down. We got seven Americans killed by terrorists this week and Bush is using the Homeland Security Department for partisan ends (ph)? Shame on him. That's a waste of taxpayers' money. That's what we ought to be concerned about, young lady.

CARLSON: And if that were true, I would be concerned.

BEGALA: From the left -- that's true. It was reported in today's (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

CARLSON: Bush did not use it. Untrue.

BEGALA: Bush is the president. It's his department. From the left, I am Paul Begala. That's it for CROSSFIRE.

CARLSON: And from the right, I'm Tucker Carlson. Join us again tomorrow for another edition of CROSSFIRE.