Thursday, May 15, 2003

The Ethics of Sally Quinn

In February 1994, I had lunch with Tina Brown in New York to clear the air and to discuss future stories. All was affable and uneventful. When I returned to Washington, I received a call from a friend and former colleague working at the "Style" section of the Post; this friend told me there was a campaign being conducted against me, that the "style" piece was a part of it, and that Sally Quinn, who still exercised some influence at the "Style" section, was boasting that I would soon be fired from The New Yorker. I called Sally up. She openly acknowledged spreading the rumor about me and wondered why anyone would make a fuss about it; that was just how Washington operated and nobody should blame anybody.

The Clinton Wars, pp. 226-227.

I guess that's the kind of affirmative action that happens when you're screwing the boss.