Friday, May 30, 2003

Gaybashing and the Unhipublicans

Jonah Goldberg is leading the revolution against anti-gay bigotry among conservatives. That statement is both hilarious AND true. Little Jonah is only slightly less obsessed with all things gay than his is partner-in-idiocy Derbyshire over at the Corner. As anyone who reads the Corner knows (though why anyone does, other than to get a few kicks), Goldberg rarely passes up an opportunity to express his feelings about homosexuality - it's icky, it's disturbing, and he admits to being rather obsessed with it. The nice thing about that place is the writers seem to think no one but their little in-crowd is reading, so they tend to let their inner bigots out, behaving as they would at a paleoconservative dinner party instead of on a public website. I remember the touching moment when Jonah Goldberg expressed his gleeful excitement at the prospect that John Muhammed could be a THREEFER - Black, Muslim, AND GAY! For full disclosure, let me admit to being likewise gleeful that Goldberg himself is a Threefer - hideous, stupid, AND conservative!

But, too his credit, Goldberg comes out against criminalizing sodomy, but only on practical grounds. He's really only coming out against the prospect of police busting down bedroom doors, for which the police should be thankful as it diminishes the possibility they'll ever have to find out what goes on behind Goldberg's Green Door.

All this makes it extra amusing that Lucianne's crotchfruit is shocked because those super-cool republican kids recently profiled in the NYT have separated themselves from the past by claiming they are no longer into gay-bashing or racism. Goldberg doesn't believe that gay-bashing was ever part of the young conservatives' playbook. Of course, these odd little freaks also embraced Dinesh D'Souza, a proud bigot and homophobe himself, so again this is just another example of oppressed young white kids not quite understanding what racism is.

Well, enough of my rant, but you can go read Agenda Bender for some more on Goldberg.