Thursday, May 22, 2003

House Impeachment Manager Moron

From Lloyd Grove:

Former House impeachment manager James Rogan, who was appointed by President Bush to run the Patent and Trademark Office in Crystal City after losing his 2000 reelection race in California, apparently upset some employees last week with a couple of flip answers in his regular online chat.

On last Thursday's chat, someone identified as "Homing Pigeon" wrote in: "In the event of an emergency situation . . . if an evacuation is ordered, what is your advice for us getting home?" Rogan typed back: "run fast." To another questioner who wondered about proper "business casual" attire, Rogan replied: "People who dress like pigs will be required to eat out of the sty we're building in Carlyle," a reference to the new facility in Alexandria.

A veteran employee who asked for anonymity told us: "These chats give a glimpse into his lack of professionalism. . . . He also shows an amazing lack of sensitivity to the fact that over 200 federal employees perished not a mile from our office on 9/11."