Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Jewish Blood

The other night on the Daily Show, Chris Matthews said something along the lines of "Yeah, this guy... they discovered he's Jewish! He is not Irish or anything. His name is Kerry, but he's not Irish. He was hiding the fact that he's a Jew!."

As my friend J.C. says:

Kerry is not Jewish, his grandfather was Jewish, but converted to Catholicism. Kerry's father was raised Catholic. John Kerry is Catholic.

Kerry didn't know his grandfather was Jewish until recently.

Most Americans have dozens of ethnic and national backgrounds in their genealogical tree, yet they are not aware of most of them. Kerry's background is also German, English, and other nationalities, but I guess for these racist media-heads, a Jewish ancestor trumps everything else, and makes him instantly a "Jew", two generations removed.
Goebbels would have been proud.