Thursday, May 22, 2003

K. Lo and To. K

The ever clueless K. Lo wants us to know that the only reason people booed the Dixie Chicks was because one of them was apparently wearing a "F*** You Toby Keith" T-shirt. That certainly sounds like a mean-spirited thing for our Chicks to do, though K.Lo should perhaps understand why they might feel that way:

I found it deeply ironic that Keith expressed his frustration with "these big-mouthed celebrities who think anybody cares what they say," right before plunging into Red, White and Blue, a song that explains in no uncertain terms his view on retaliatory U.S. foreign policy.

Keith also put a doctored "family picture" of Saddam Hussein with the Dixie Chicks (one of whom recently criticized President Bush at a concert) on the giant above-stage video screen. It seems to me that, when you advocate the freedom of the Red, White and Blue, you don't get to choose what other people who live under those colors say.

(sent in by reader ab)