Wednesday, May 28, 2003

MoDo in Trouble

Well, if she's in trouble for this then there are a lot of other reporters who should be out of a job - or would be if the Clinton Rules of Journalism weren't in operation.

From the Clinton Wars, p. 443

The transcribed remarks strongly suggested he was covering up Hillary's involvement in Whitewater. In one excerpt of the Burton version, Hubbell was cited as saying that new claims against his law firm would "open up" Hillary. The unexpurgated tapes on which these transcriptions were based were listened to by a dozen reporters but not by any Democratic members of the committee. Three days later, the Democrats were allowed to hear them, and they discovered that the transcripts had been extensively doctored... For their part, the reporters who had written articles about the doctored tapes as if they were credible later claimed they had been working under deadline pressure.