Saturday, May 31, 2003


I'm pretty much of an agnostic who is rather down on the authoritarian and evangelical aspects of (some) organized religion but otherwise positive about the rest of it. I might mock some unscientific views which stem from religion, but I'm rather confused why TAPPED is mocking whatever Dennis Kucinich might happen to believe in - particularly after posting a plea for Democrats to get religion.

As far as I can tell from what they've posted, Kucinich might have a sort of pan-universal Gaia-ish concept of oneness and a belief in reincarnation. Compared to most of the Old Testament, that's pretty tame stuff.

I can't remember if a friend told me this story or I if I read it in a David Sedaris book (probably the latter though I'm too lazy to hunt it up), but I remember hearing about an attempt by some people in a French class attempting to explain,. in bad French, the concept of Easter to a North African. All religions sound pretty kooky from the outside.

I'm all for mocking people who want to put religion into goverment or otherwise shove it down my throat, but what TAPPED wrote was just an unpleasant cheap shot. And, this isn't coming from a Kucinich fan, I just thought it was really wrong.