Saturday, May 10, 2003

Roublen Vesseau Talks to Steno Sue Schmidt

At the WaPo Live Chat, frequent commenter Roublen asked the question that for 8 years no journalist had actually managed to answer.

Belmont, Calif.: Hi. Can you tell me precisely what the Clinton's are supposed to have done and what the key evidence was? Also, do you think the Clintons were guilty, and it couldn't be proved, or they were innocent, and there was never any evidence in the first place?

Susan Schmidt: The best answer to that question will be contained in Ray's Whitewater report when it is released a few months from now.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That was our last question for The Post's Susan Schmidt. Thank you to Susan and to all who participated.

According to Roublen there was a long pause between question and answer.

Here's Joe Conason's article on this.

And, it should be noted - Steno Sue still has a job.