Thursday, May 15, 2003

Savage Autism

There's nothing like picking on the disabled. Autism rates in California are skyrocketing, and here's how Michael Savage responds:

[This from Rick Rollens. Please participate if you agree with this
Well, it seems that national talk show host Michael Savage, who describes himself as a "compassionate conservative" and host of the nationally syndicated Michael Savage Show, has taken on the autism community. He stated in a program yesterday that the new California Report was "a way to drum up business" now that the Iraq war is over and that there is no proof that autism is increasing. He also mocked our community by reading a list of some of the symptoms of autism and said "I have that, I have that, I have that" mocking the seriousness of the autistic condition. Please join me today, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm (pst) by phoning into your local am radio affiliate and getting on the air with Michael and setting Michael straight on autism and the autism epidemic. You can also e-mail him as well.
He can be reached at: or call his show at:1-800-449-8255.

I suggest you also contact the folks at MSGOP News ( and and ask them if a man who openly mocks and scorns the disabled is someone they think should be representing their news channel.