Friday, May 30, 2003

The Tories

The fascinating thing about the Tories is that they seemingly missed their chance to drag themselves out of the wilderness by opposing the war on Iraq. It would have given them a reason to be. Assuming for sake of discussion that their only motivation for anything is crass political opportunism, the only reason I can imagine that they chose not to is that they figured the ramifications of destroying their special relationship with U.S. Republicans would be problematic. On the other hand, it looks like Blair may have managed to appropriate that one too. But, in any case, it looks like they're broke, which is a bad development. Countries which are dominated by one party, no matter what the party, seem to not do very well. Without an opposition, it seems that powerful interests - corporate, political, and otherwise - increasingly align themselves to hold onto that power.

Maybe I'll have to send the poor bastards a donation.