Thursday, June 19, 2003

Carlson and Matthews

And Margaret wonders why no one wants to buy her book. And Tweety has to wonder why no one watches his show. Some quotes from Charlie Rose, courtesy of Julius Civitatus:

Chris Matthews: The Clintons are the Menendez brothers of American politics.

Margaret Carlson: Hillary is the Greta Garbo of politics: she doesn't express a feeling or emotion she doesn't want to show.

Margaret Carlson: I confess I have only parsed the book looking for "the good parts." (Laughter)

Chris Matthews: Hillary tries to make herself an "Oskar Schindler" figure when defending her husband.

Carlson: Hillary carefully calculated becoming the senator of a state she only heard of as a tourist.

Carlson: Hillary never aknowledges the incredibly reckless behavior of her husband. (...) She always portrays herself as the victim -- that the right is always mischaracterizing the Clintons.

Chris Matthews: The Clintons will end up doing "Love Letters" in Broadway (huge laughter)