Wednesday, June 04, 2003

In case you're counting on OT to pay the bills ....

The Family Time Flexibility Act (H.R. 1119) wants to allow workers to "choose" between comp time, and overtime. I've got a scenario like this in mind for the way such "choices" are going to get made:

WALMART: Maria, will you have a problem helping me out by working 16 hours tomorrow?

MARIA: No problem, Sir, you know I like to work hard!

WALMART: That's great, Maria. Now, just so I can put this into your employment record, would you like to put the extra 8 hours into our Loyal Team Member Time Bank, where we'll give you the 8 hours off some time in 2004, if you're still working for us, or would you like the 8 hours in the form of extra pay in your paycheck this week? I haven't asked Julia to help me out yet, but she's a Loyal Team Member...

MARIA: [Maria has a sick child and needs the money for prescription drugs, and needs the 8 hours to care for the child. But if she says No to the offer, and Julia says Yes, and takes the time, Maria knows that any manager with budget responsibilities would give Julia time later rather than Maria money now. Then again, if Maria says No too often, she might lose the job entirely.] I'll be a Loyal Team Member, Sir.

WALMART: Thanks, Maria. That's great.

And that's compassionate conservatism in action!

Whenever I hear one of these Republicans use the word "family" I put my hand on my wallet. ....

UPDATE: Bill pulled (temporarily).

"Because of the campaign of lies waged by the leaders of organizations like the AFL-CIO, private sector working mothers and fathers continue to be denied the right to choose paid time off with their families instead of overtime pay - a right that has been enjoyed and cherished by federal workers and other government employees for years," said Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee.

Right, like Maria from WalMart has civil service protection. How stupid do they think people are?