Saturday, June 07, 2003

Iraq, Disneyland For The Greedy?

Jeanne at BODY AND SOUL asks the question in an excellent discussion of what's really going on with the ECONOMY OF IRAQ, based on a NYTimes article, and an incendiary Nation tour de force by Naomi Klein, which should not be missed. Klein was on top of this back in April.

On April 6, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz spelled it out: There will be no role for the United Nations in setting up an interim government in Iraq. The US-run regime will last at least six months, "probably...longer than that."

And by the time the Iraqi people have a say in choosing a government, the key economic decisions about their country's future will have been made by their occupiers.

How's that for predicting?

And don't miss the piece Jeanne wishes she'd written, or her take on the maybe new Judith Miller. Oh, do yourself a favor and read everything she has currently posted.