Friday, June 06, 2003

A Little Light Seeps Through

But only a very little in a very little read place. From Geneva Overholser in a live chat:

"Kansas City, Mo.: I noticed you worked for the Post as Ombudsman and the editorial board of the Times. I've read Gene Lyons and Joe Conason's work criticizing the Post and Times for their coverage of Whitewater. As a former newspaper reporter (and J-school grad -- KU) I found a lot to be concerned about their depiction of the Post and Times coverage. Were there any concerns voiced or reviewed at either paper on their points?

Geneva Overholser: Probably not enough concerns raised, but some. I felt that the Clinton scandal coverage at the Post went overboard, and said so -- and relayed various readers' opinions to that effect. To no overwhelming result."

Look, it wasn´t overboard, it was a direct link to Starr´s fax machine.

on Spite Girl Ceci:

Somewhere, USA: Wait a second, John Carroll gets all concerned about bias based on a story that questions legislation that requires physicians to give questionable medical advice and it shows the reporter is biased? Yet in 2000 the Post's Ceci Connolly altered quotes (Love Canal) and basically ran anti-Gore RNC press releases. But apparently this bias is off limit to discussion as in Post chats as no one will address it. Where's the real bias?

Geneva Overholser: I am an admirer and (I hope) a friend of Ceci, but I was unsettled by that reporting on Gore and hope the Post doesn't quash discussion of it. Nobody seems to be quashing it here.

Unsettled by it? She committed greater frauds than Jayson Blair.