Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Margaret Carlson's Advice To The Less Powerful

In regards to that Grovor Norquist Spring cleaning the Dean finally noticed, and Lambert characterizes so perfectly that I'm going to repeat it:

Student loans? "Wiped clean." Unemployment insurance? "Wiped clean"? School lunch for your kids? "Wiped clean." National parks? "Wiped clean." Your Mom's Medicare? "Wiped clean." Your Dad's Medicaid? "Wiped clean." And so on.

The Incomparable Sommerby, and never more so than in everything he's posted last week and this, reminds us what Ms. Carlson would probably advise, before we get ourselves all worked up.

In a rational world, American citizens would be deeply troubled by what Carlson said to Don Imus. She appeared on his program on October 10, 2000—four weeks before Election Day. Why was the press corps pursuing trivia, and ignoring much more serious matters? And why was the corps so much tougher on Gore? Carlson didn’t mince her words. The press was pounding Gore—and giving Bush a pass—because it was “more fun” to do so, she said. “I actually happen to know people who need government, and so they would care more about…the things we kind of make fun of,” she continued. “But as sport, and as our enterprise, Gore coming up with another whopper is greatly entertaining to us.” So spoke one of America’s leading pundits, describing the values of the American press corps.

And if you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself being raped, just relax and try and enjoy it.