Monday, June 16, 2003

Pipe Bomb Explodes Outside Sanchez´s Office

Nothing to see here folks:

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- The FBI and Santa Ana police are investigating the explosion of a pipe bomb outside the campaign office of Rep. Loretta Sanchez that left a 35-year-old man with burns over half his body.

The PVC pipe bomb exploded Sunday inside a 1990 Toyota Cressida near a Santa Ana strip mall, badly injuring the man inside.

Investigators said the bomb was not directed at Sanchez, D-Garden Grove, or anyone in her office, which was closed when the bomb went off at 2:25 p.m. Sunday outside the strip mall.

No other injuries were reported.

Raul Luna, a spokesman for Sanchez, told the Los Angeles Times that the congresswoman had been in Orange County for the weekend and had left for Washington, D.C. Sunday afternoon, as part of her regular schedule. He said her staff had briefed her on the bombing.

Police had not received threatening calls regarding the explosion, and were waiting for the injured man to recover so they can question him, said Sgt. Baltazar De La Riva.

"I must make it clear. We have no independent information that leads us to believe he was targeting anyone in this complex," said De La Riva. "That's part of the investigation."
FBI spokesman Matt McLaughlin said there is no indication of any "terrorist link."

Well, there´s nothing to indicate he was targeting her office except for the fact that it, uhhh, blew up right outside her office.

And would someone please decide what is or isn´t "terrorism," other than the obvious indicator of whether the person appears to be a Muslim or not.