Monday, June 02, 2003

Pollack on the FCC

He's 100% correct as always.

Essentially, with satellite-based programming, DVD's, the Internet,I-Pods, cell phones, and many other inventions that I don't know about, one could argue that people have access to too much information, from too many sources. That's what the FCC is trying to correct, and quickly. We are, after all, engaged in a war, a war on Terror, a just war without end, and this is no time for independently-owned media outlets to fall into the hands of people who might oppose the President and his policies. That's why I'm glad Michael Powell is in charge of the FCC. He's just the man to keep the rabble in line.

I believe it was my mentor at Oxbridge, Sir Francis Crapshoot, who said, "an excess of information, if controlled by a excess of providers, inevitably leads to public confusion, followed by free thought and free elections. This can never be healthy for a country fortunate enough to be led by a man sent by God to bring peace and prosperity to all corners of the earth willing to practice abstinence before marriage." I believe that says it all. Antiquated rules of media ownership just get in the way of our divine mission.

All hail Dear Leader.