Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Remember the neediest!

At first, I thought this from Thomas Friedman was just a little light-hearted jab at winger MWs:

After the Iraq war debate, the question has grown into, "Why does everybody else hate us?"

I've sketched out my own answer, which I modestly call "A Brief Theory of Everything." I offer it here, even more briefly, in hopes that people will write in with comments or catcalls so I can continue to refine it, turn it into a quick book and pay my daughter's college tuition.

... Any ideas? Let's hear 'em: thfrie@nytimes.com

Then again, maybe he's just being direct. (If I'm going to help Tom raise the bucks for his daughter's tuition, do I get a cut?)

Anyhow, I could throw a lot of ideas at Tom, starting with an administration that thinks a fine working definition of "soft power" is (self-identified Christian) fundamentalism.