Saturday, June 07, 2003

Sex, lies, and weapons of mass destruction

Can't resist quoting the ever-superb Daily Howler:

In the past few weeks, for example, President Bush, a well-known man, has emitted some real Grade A groaners:

  • He said the cut in the dividends tax was designed to help out the elderly.

  • He said that phase-ins appear in his tax cuts because the Congress put them there.

  • Those rosy projections (from the Council of Economic Advisers)? He pretended they weren’t his projections.

  • Bush has said he’s cutting taxes in order to increase federal revenue.

Groan! And those are just on the budget side. Last week, Bush actually went on Polish TV and said we’ve found the WMDs! But pundits like [Chris] Matthews are paid not to notice. It’s clear that, for Matthews, it’s only the sex. All other howlers are permitted.

If Bush lies, the Clenis™ made him do it!