Friday, June 13, 2003

Some detail on the Texas Killer D's

Michael King of the Austin Chronicle writes DPS Documents: More Questions About Killer-D Manhunt:

The DPS postings substantiate what DPS officers have said: They were taking orders from Republican officials, who were nowhere near as "hands off" as Craddick and Perry have claimed. Even more alarming are the materials suggesting that other, as yet unidentified, personnel were also involved in the search: According to notes provided to the DPS by Austin Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos, a couple of legislators' spouses were apparently followed or watched by plainclothes operatives of whom the DPS claims no knowledge.

Whatever the complete and unredacted story of the state's pursuit of the absent House Democrats, the surviving DPS documents make clear it is yet to be fully revealed.

Hmmm.... Plainclothes operatives....

Lieberman was on this one, right? Hope he doesn't feel the need to be too polite.