Friday, June 20, 2003

Sullivan Supports Mass Starvation

As Eric Alterman puts it:

It is really an amazing assertion when you think about it. Not only does Andy think he should be assignment editor for the entire blogworld, but he thinks if you don’t accept his instructions, you’re some sort of left-wing scaredy cat. I see Andy never mentions the 12 million people facing death from starvation in Ethiopia to which Stupid refer below. Does Andy favor mass starvation? The reason I’ve not mentioned Iran is that I’m too busy (see above) to teach myself enough about it right now to have anything intelligent to say. I realize that caring enough about a topic to actually know what you’re talking about is a foreign concept over there in Sullyland, where goyim lecture Jews about loyalty to Israel and foreigners lecture Americans about patriotism. (Next thing you know he’ll be offering “how-to” lessons on the missionary position.) But the fact is, there is an assumption on the part of many right-wingers that they, and no one else, should be allowed to decide what topics are appropriate for media debate. It may work on talk radio and cable TV, but not here. Get outta my face, punk.