Thursday, June 19, 2003

Things Right Wing Bloggers Aren´t Talking About

I can only assume they either don´t care or support them, and this somehow makes them hypocrites though I´ll let you figure out exactly how:

-Severe drought and starvation in Ethiopia and Eritrea, both of which I believe were part of the coalition of the willing in our noble mission to liberate Iraq.

-Torture and boiling people alive in Uzbekistan. Another partner in the COW, IIRC.

-The impact of the US led drug war on peasant farmers in Bolivia and Columbia. Coca grows like a weed, and search and destroy missions by hired guns end up destroying the crops of many honest farmers.

-The poverty rate of Jews in new York is skyrocketing. Your lack of concern can only lead me to conclude you are all anti-semites.

-Childhood hunger in rural America. Why do you like hungry kids?

-Female genital mutilation. Email andrew sullivan at and ask him why he doesn´t care about female genital mutilation. Does he enjoy it when females have their genitals mutilated?