Monday, June 16, 2003

Those WMD, Could They Have Been Ate By The Dog?

So asks Wm Rivers Pitt at Truthout.Org. It's a good summary, especially so in regards to chemical and biological weapons.
Pitt notices, too, that the administration seems to be pointing an accusing finger at the CIA, and in particular, George Tenent.

Steve Gilliard at Daily Kos quotes Time to make the same point, and then tells us why no WMD will be found:

If there was the slightest chance that a usable WMD stockpile would be found, is there any chance Rumsfeld would let George Tenet take the credit for finding it.

There's more, just as smart.

Also check out Steve's post on what those trailers of mass destruction have turned out to be.

And finally, don't miss his post on Washington's New Radicals.

Instead of having the State Department devise policy, the President and his henchman, Donald Rumsfeld, try to create a foreign policy which is not only militarily unsustainable, but financially ruinous. As US officials quietly negotiate with the Taliban after 18 months of combat, our political plans for Iraq are meeting across the board opposition.

How did we wind up in this mess?

You'll want to read Steve's answer to that question.