Friday, June 20, 2003

Truly Nuclear

If this comes to pass I hope the Dems understand that the only thing left to them is the MAD option. This really would be the final admission that the rules no longer apply.

It works like this. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist attempts to gradually lower from 60 to 51 the votes needed to end a filibuster. That fails, because it requires 60 votes to change a Senate rule and the Republicans have only 50. Then Vice President Cheney rules on a constitutional point of order that 51 votes can end a filibuster of nominations. The Senate parliamentarian, appointed by Republicans, upholds his ruling. The filibuster blocking Priscilla Owen is ended. (And the road is cleared for the right-wing Supreme Court justices Bush will appoint later in his first term.) It would be quite an end to a Senate procedure in effect since George Washington held office.

None other than George Will would oppose such a thing. Or, at least, he did when the Republicans were in the minority but now they´re in a majority so he wouldn´t anymore.

(via Talk Left)