Saturday, June 28, 2003

"What Kind Of America Do You Want To Live In?"

That question is asked and answered in the inimitable style of the Slaktivist, otherwise known as Fred Clark.

Fred's posts are difficult to describe, which is also what mesk them so worth reading. This one prods at growing inequalities of income and that Republican favorite, the politics of envy, using a newspaper skybox ad that offers homeowners the chance to own their very own luxary spa.

Frank Capra makes an appearance, along with Mr. Potter and George Bailey himself, who was living that "wonderful life" we'd all like to, and didn't know it.

Fred also links to and discusses a story, out of Alabama, I've seen little about elsewhere; seems the new Governor there is determined to bring some fairness into the way the state taxes its citizens, all the more interesting because that Governor, Bob Riley, is a Bible-thumping conservative Republican. In pressing for what you and I might think of as a liberal reform, Governor Riley "has framed his tax reform effort in explicitly moral and religious language." And that could be significant, as Fred sees it.

Check out this post, too:


A tortured, obvious and over-extended metaphor.

You'll be surprised by who and what is being metaphorized.

It's also always fun when Fred clears out his attic. Go, you'll see what I mean.