Saturday, July 19, 2003

16 questions

Dean has 16 questions for the President. Number 12:

Mr. President, we need to know why your Administration has never told the truth about the costs and long-term commitment of the war, has consistently downplayed what those would be, and now continues to try keep the projected costs hidden from the American people.

Leah already answered this one ("4 letters: P.N.A.C." Summary: Iraq is just a trial run.)

Dean's questions are good and pointed, and thank Jeebus someone is asking them.

But the list of 16 is a mixture of detail and big picture stuff. Granted, you've got to master the detail to know when Bush is lying—or at least which lie he's telling at any one time—but only the big picture stuff can take the White House back in 2004. FWIW, I think Dean should focus on the vision and put an attack dog on the details.

And I do like the "We can handle the truth" banner. A positive message.

Who wants to write the "16 questions" parody, to the tune of "16 candles"? (We've already done "16 words, and whaddaya get," thanks to alert reader Weldon Berger). Maybe we can improve on Dean's questions in the course of writing the lyrics...