Wednesday, July 02, 2003

All Them Hispanic Mayors Look Alike

Presidenting sure is hard.

In Little Havana, Mr. Bush got tangled up in his remarks, confusing the independent mayor of Miami, Manny Diaz, who was in the crowd, with the Democratic mayor of Miami-Dade County, Alex Panelas, who was not.
"We've got el alcalde de Miami," Mr. Bush said, using the Spanish for mayor. "Thank you, seƱor. Thank you very much, Alex, for coming — I mean, Manny, for coming.

"And Alex Panelas is here as well, the mayor of — donde?" Mr. Bush said, using the Spanish word for where. When it became clear that Mr. Panelas was not in the crowd, Mr. Bush said, laughing: "O.K. At least he got his name mentioned. That's a smart move."