Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Among The Wounded

From reader, Dan, in the comments thread to Atrios' Christian Bauman post: this link to a site that will help you understand what it means to be among the wounded.

Be warned, this is graphic and wrenching. But these are our brothers and sisters serving in Iraq; the least we owe to them is to pay the profoundest attention to what the cost of their service is to them and to their friends and families.

We're lucky, here on the left, to have such intelligent and knowledgeable writers as Kos, and Steve Gilliard and Billmon, who have personal experience in the military. To that list, I'd like to add frequest Atrios commentator, YankeeDoodle, whose website, "War News," you can find here. I find myself checking in there regularly.

Sometimes the posts appear to be roundups of war news, but the juxtapositions are essays in themselves. And the extended discussions in a "rant" like this one, are among the best you'll find anywhere on this side of the online line.