Saturday, July 12, 2003



bogosity: /boh·go´s@·tee/, n.
1. [orig. CMU, now very common] The degree to which something is bogus. Bogosity is measured with a bogometer; in a seminar, when a speaker says something bogus, a listener might raise his hand and say “My bogometer just triggered”. More extremely, “You just pinned my bogometer” means you just said or did something so outrageously bogus that it is off the scale, pinning the bogometer needle at the highest possible reading (one might also say “You just redlined my bogometer”). The agreed-upon unit of bogosity is the microLenat.

2. The potential field generated by a bogon flux; see quantum bogodynamics. See also bogon flux, bogon.

We've learned some new words today! Let's see if we can use them in some sentences!

UPDATE: Alert reader artful dodger points to another entry in the Jargon file:

SNAFU principle: /sna´foo prin´si·pl/, n.
[from a WWII Army ac­ro­nym for ‘Situation Normal, All Fucked Up’] “True communication is possible only between equals, because inferiors are more consistently rewarded for telling their superiors pleasant lies than for telling the truth.:” — a central tenet of Discordianism, often invoked by hackers to explain why authoritarian hierarchies screw up so reliably and systematically. The effect of the SNAFU principle is a progressive disconnection of decision-makers from reality. ...

Seems pretty close to what's happening with The Smoking Sentence -- the "progressive disconnection of decision-makers from reality." Assuming Bush and his gang ever had any such thing.