Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Dead men tell no tales....


... On standby were A-10 Warthog tankbuster aircraft, Apache attack helicopters and a psy-ops team but they were not used.

I guess capture wasn't uppermost on our agenda, eh?

No, it wasn't:

That night, coalition commanders planned the operation, gathered the required troops and weapons systems, and cordoned off the neighborhood. Iraqi police established an outer perimeter, Sanchez said.

So we had 'em surrounded, the previous night. The Manuel Noriega option was possible— Bush and his gang decided not to take it.

Killing with high-tech weapons: The world, and the Iraqis, already know we can do this.

Bringing war criminals to justice: The world doesn't know we can do this. And it would be better for us, for the Iraqis, and the world, if it did (back).

But a "last stand" at an Iraqi Alamo makes for better TV... And dead men tell no tales... And, oh yeah, what was it that was being published tomorrow? Some report on 9/11?

Ritual disclaimer and troll prophylactic
Saddam is evil. Saddam's sons are evil.

(Maybe this disclaimer worked—there's been a lot of good discussion on this and the previous threads on this subject. And by "good" I don't mean "agrees with me," I mean "advances the discussion through reason." Thanks, readers. Hope this doesn't jinx the thread...)