Thursday, July 31, 2003

Howard Dean Proves He's No Terry Molloy

No "I coulda been a contender" for Dr. Dean.

When you get this kind of extended, straightforward, chock full of information, down the middle story in the NYTimes, not reported exclusively through the prism of whether or not your electable, you are a contender.

The farmer already sent you to read Digby's thoroughly enjoyable flaying of the DLC's resent throat-clearings about Dean. Those of you who haven't yet, go.

Lisa at Ruminate This points the way to these excellent essays at Liberal Oasis on the same subject.

Then think about this. It might make sense if we who disagree with the DLC about what Democratics need to do to get elected, let them know. Slow mail letters would be good, or emails to their website. Polite, articulate, specific would be best. If a hundred people bothered to take the time, they'd notice.