Wednesday, July 30, 2003

If There's A Futures' Market In Terrorism....

From reader Hobson, the entreprenurial suggestion that certain websites, like this one, might have marketing value as emetics for left-leaning bulimics.

For instnace, "If unable to induce vomiting manually, surf here."

A particular potent sample:

The Howard Dean campaign was forced to cancel events this week in response to events in Iraq. Donations to the Uday and Qusay Hussein Memorial Fund can be submitted directly to the Dean campaign.

I suspect that the effect of this little pill of bile would be equally as vomitous on most Americans.

So save it and start a file of the outrageous, to be made available to all interested friends who're are too well rounded to be as obssessed about politics as we are.

Time we let more Americans know what's being said and done in their patriotic name.