Friday, July 18, 2003

It gets better: House Thugs called cops for fear of a 71-year-old man

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Nothing against 71-year-olds—Heck, my Mom's about that age and she can still scare me. But I've never called the cops on her!

These Thugs! At long last, have they no decency? Marilyn Geewax of the Austin American-Statesman writes:

Republicans defended Thomas, saying he had no choice but to call in police to head off physical attacks they said appeared imminent from Rep. Fortney "Pete" Stark, a 71-year-old Democrat from California.

Leah has posted contact information to support Democrats against this thuggery, and placing the whole matter in context.


UPDATE: Fruitcake, meet Pretzel Boy (thanks to alert reader "bill thomas"). In the lexicon, fruitcake is a demotic measure of diminished mental capacity, not a taxon in a sexual or gender-related classification scheme.

Here is a usage example: "Those winger ideologues—What bunch of fruitcakes!"

UPDATE: Stark's statement (thanks to alert reader anonymous).

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