Saturday, July 26, 2003

James Baker, Call Baghdad

Yesterday, the WaPo posted two versions of essentially the same story; Jim Baker, distinguished ex-Secretary of Treasury and State, close adviser and fixer to the Bush family, is being sought to help the administration fix whatever it is that's wrong with our occupation of Iraq.

uggabugga has both versions of the article.

Billmon sees disarray, in the Bush administration, not at the WaPo.

Steve Gilliard sees a dangerous cluelessness.

Kevin Drum admits to being confused.

Me? I find the prospect depressing. More evidence that the Bush administration is holding onto the notion of a long, long, occupation with us, essentially, in control of them, and that Baker is just another way not to listen to those who matter, the Iraqis, who are telling us that though we may be relatively welcome in the short run, to help them transition from ruin to functioning, from despotism to democracy, that Iraq is not ours to shape, it's theirs.

BTW, uggabugga has other great stuff up; don't miss this post on Dennis Miller, or this one right underneath it.