Thursday, July 10, 2003

Kerry stands up

Nedra Pickler of AP writes:

"I learned a long time ago in Vietnam what happens when pride gets in the way of making honest decisions," Kerry, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, told a Capitol Hill news conference. "We carried that war on for too many years because of pride. And I refuse to see us now put American soldiers in risk because we are unprepared to say, 'Where the world is prepared to be part of this, winning the peace in Iraq is not just an American interest, it's a global interest.'"

Kerry's campaign strategy in the next few weeks will be to focus on what he contends is a pattern of deception by the administration on several issues beyond Iraq and the war, a campaign official said.

Hurry home, George! Hurry home! And stop staring at those elephants!

UPDATE: Latest CBS poll on Iraq, thanks to alert reader Hank Essay.