Wednesday, July 23, 2003

More On Rightwing Magnanimity

A new book about Hillary. Can't wait? It's by Carl Limbacher. It's called "Hillary's Scheme."

A few prepublication highlights:

REVEALED: The Clintons' plans to make Hillary President
-- and ruthlessly destroy any obstacle in her way


In shocking detail, investigative journalist Carl Limbacher here blows the lid off the New York senator's plans for a grand political coup, something she has been carefully and quietly plotting for more than 20 years. With a patience, doggedness, and thirst for the truth that few reporters have displayed, Limbacher got the full story of Hillary's plans by conducting extensive research into Hillary's past and securing exclusive interviews with Clinton insiders. He even questioned Hillary herself! Limbacher uncovers the juicy morsels, backroom deals, and insider wrangling surrounding Hillary's presidential ambitions -- the hidden details that the mainstream press is too intimidated by (or enamored of) the Clintons to tell you about.

There's more. I read it. You need to. So I won't have to bear the burden of this knowledge alone.

Think of it as a safe, convenient way to get your minimum daily requirement of bile.