Friday, July 11, 2003

Of course Bush knew

(And so did Condi!)

It had already happened once before!

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC:

U.S. officials told NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell that Tenet himself advised Rice’s top deputy, Steven Hadley, to remove a reference to the uranium report from a speech Bush delivered Oct. 7 in Cincinnati, establishing that the nation’s top intelligence officials suspected that the allegation was false more than three months before they approved Bush’s repeating it in his nationally televised address on Jan. 28.
(Thanks to alert reader RG)

So let me get this straight:

It wasn't OK to use Niger uranium in Cincinnati before the SOTU (when Condi had to know), it wasn't OK to use Niger uranium at the UN a week after the SOTU (when Colin knew), but it was OK to use it in the SOTU ... Oh heck, aWol was only talking to Congress, then! I guess he just figured he could say whatever he wanted to those guys...