Saturday, July 19, 2003

Our Fruitcake Republicans

Rep. Scott McInnis, a 50-year-old Colorado Republican, cries:

''I fully intended to defend myself."

And what was the imminent threat?

... [McInnis] later said the 71-year-old Stark ''threatened me with physical harm. It was entirely appropriate for the [Chairman Bill Thomas] to call the sergeant at arms and the Capitol Police so order in the committee could be maintained.'' (Margasak, Associated Press)

A 50-year-old gets the cops to defend himself against a 71-year-old man? Weak. Pathetic. But it's the best the Republicans can do:

By their account, [Chairman Bill Thomas] had no choice but to call the authorities, to restore order when Mr. Stark, 71, threatened Representative Scott McInnis, a 50-year-old Republican, and called him "a wimp" and "a fruitcake." (Stolberg, Times)

Stark has, of course, been contrite about calling a Republican a fruitcake[1]. We have yet to hear an apology from the Republicans for anything.

Beyond the heated words, serious issues are at stake:

  1. The Republicans did call the cops. Into the Capitol. Where do they think they are? Texas?

  2. The Republicans tried to move a bill out of committee without even giving Democrats a chance to read it. Where do they think they are? '30s Berlin? Says Stark: "The real issue here is that we were precluded from being able to represent our constituents". (Josh Richman, Tri-Valley Herald)

  3. That bill is important, since it could slash pension payouts for millions of Americans. We're going to trust the Republicans with our money?

Not that our "evenly balanced" and play-it-for-sneers SCLM will ever tell you that.

And besides.

Bill Thomas is a fruitcake. He's the one responsible for calling the cops. Make him even nuttier by sending him one!

Send Bill Thomas a fruitcake![2]
Let's try a little media manipulation of our own. You can fax Bill Thomas a fruitcake image here:

Fax: 202-225-8798
Fax: 661-637-0867

If you want to send Thomas a real fruitcake, why not send one of those petrified holiday ones you've never thrown out? Good liberals recycle! Or you can send him a new one:

  1. here (pixie)

  2. here (libertas)

Thomas's addresses are:

Washington, DC
2208 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
4100 Empire Drive
Suite 150
Bakersfield, California 93309
(thanks to Leah for recycling suggestion)
[1] "Fruitcake" is slang for a crazy or an eccentric person. Usage example: "Those winger fruitcakes are nuttier than Mussolini."
[2] A real fruitcake, I mean. There are far too many winger ideologues on The Hill already.

UPDATE: Fruitcake Rebellion Roll of Honor

  1. Fruitcake sent. $8.95 is a small price to pay to make my voice heard. (alert reader RCSanders)

  2. Ok, sent a fruitcake. Feel better. Thanks everyone, for making it possible. (alert reader tena)

  3. Just mailed my fruitcake. I really enjoyed "fruiting' the repubs. They deserve all the fruitcakes they can get. Besides, $8.95 is a small price to pay to get my country back!!!!!! (alert reader Colleen)

  4. Fruitcake sent to Thomas' home office in Bakersfield. Hopefully he'll get the point. At least I didn't have to fill out a nine-screen form that first asks if I'm for or against fruitcake. (alert reader whump)

  5. I faxed a letter of complaint, along with a picture of a fruitcake from that Google search you posted. I believe he's still my Rep., unfortunately. (alert reader dark avenger)

  6. Another fruitcake inbound for D.C.! (alert reader Tartarus)

  7. Another fruitcake on it's way to Thomas. Hope he's got a big appetitie!
    kriselda jarnsaxa

  8. My family all pitched in to send Billy Boy a big ol' concrete block o' fruity stuff; thanks for the links!

(Thanks to alert reader Beth for "Fruitcake rebellion")