Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Politics Is Visceral

The gut reaction of "whaaaaat, are they nuts,"most of us had to the news that the Pentagon had it's thumbprints all over a plan to create a futures market in terrorism turns out to have been the right one.

Paul Wolfowitz, testifying to the Senate this morning, has announced that the program is being discontinued. Senators want more; they want to know who and how anyone entrusted with the defense policy of this country could have come up with such a nutball notion. Apparently, our old friend, John Poindexter had a lot to do with it.

Wolfowitz knows a loser when he sees it.

The approach he's taking in his testimony is as chilling as it is telling. Generally, he's setting up the Clinton administration as the ones who didn't get it, therefore the USS Cole and the Khobar Towers, and that all due goes to the Bushies for all progress against terrorism. Democrats seems prepared to fight back.

In the interim: At Maxspeak, the Sandwichman, Tom Walker, presents the essence of Wolfowitz.